Who is the Twisted Pig?

Our Story

Some believe he is the great grandson of a purebred Middle White boar known as ‘Old Major’, while others insist that he's a direct descendant of Dionysus himself. Truth is, there's only two people who know the true origin of this mighty swine, known as ‘The Twisted Pig’.

Dedicated to merging unforgettable times with irresistible food, Robyn and Michael Burgess have devoted their careers to creating a unique dining experience for everyone they encounter. Now, in conjunction with the unstoppable force of a fabled wild hog, this dynamic pair is deploying their extensive industry experience to bring a distinct and innovative culinary experience to the hungry masses in Port Dalhousie.

Come join us at the intersection of Old World Tradition and Modern-Day Flare.

You'll enjoy an elevated dining experience; Classic Italian ... with a twist.

Welcome friends, to The Twisted Pig!



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